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The Women’s Hope Chorale is an auditioned, 50-voice, community chorus that enjoys a 25-year tradition of musical excellence.  Singers of diverse backgrounds and skill levels come together in community to share their love of singing and the restorative power of music. With a commitment to innovation and creativity, the Women’s Hope Chorale commissions unique arrangements and works which often feature women composers and poets. While keeping classical music at its core, the Chorale performs many other types of music—jazz, folk, country, blues, gospel, rap, Latin—to bring unique experiences to audience members.


Known for its inclusion of many art forms, performances by the Women’s Hope Chorale are an experience for the senses. The Chorale collaborates with professional dancers, painters, poets and instrumentalists to create fresh, exciting performances: where innovation joins tradition. As the Ensemble-in-Residence at Maryville University, younger women are introduced to mentoring, leadership and performing opportunities.  And with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Women’s Hope Chorale affirms the worth and dignity of all people and strives to harness the power of music and exceptional performances to enrich and transform lives. 

The Women’s Hope Chorale is considered “....a highly polished vocal ensemble with impeccable intonation, diction, and balance. The voices are clear and warm, and their tone and presentation are a delight to the audience.” 

- Dr. Robert Hart Baker, Conductor, St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra 


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