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Benedetta Orsi

She's a Gold Medal Winner at the Global Music Awards 2020!


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Benedetta Orsi’s new album

La voix de l’amour a Gold Medal Winner at the Global Music Awards 2020!

The album is a collection of some of the most famous French arias and art songs for voice and piano. 


C. Saint-Saëns Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix
J.P. Martini Plaisir d'amour
J. Massenet Élégie
J. Massenet Va! Laisse couler mes larmes
A. Thomas Connais-tu le pays
C. Gounod Repentir
C. Debussy Nuit d'étoiles
G. Bizet Habanera
G. Bizet Seguidilla
G. Faurè Après un rêve
P. Tchaikovsky Adieau forêts

You can purchase a copy of this beautiful album for $19 USD by clicking the BUY NOW button below.


Benedetta has very generously offered to donate 30% of the proceeds to the Chorale!


So, support Benedetta and the Chorale…and maybe do some early Christmas shopping!

Main Course


I miss all of you and figure it’s time to get singing again.  So mark your calendars and join me for 

Virtual Voices...

 a "Sing-Alone-Along"


Sunday, September 13

7 pm

30-40 minutes


No matter where you are in your voice training, having a lesson can only help hone your skills.  So let’s do it:  Join me for a Leanne Latuda mini-voice lesson…and then we’ll sing some fun songs with everyone muted, so you can sing out and release your inner diva. 


1st Sing-Alone-Along is Sing (from Sesame Street) with all the Muppets and some pretty amazing hosts. 

2nd Sing-Alone-Along is Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ (with Gordon MacRae no less!)

2nd Sing-Alone-Along is Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ (with Gordon MacRae no less!)

And here’s your ZOOM link to “Virtual Voices!”

Meeting ID: 810 6573 6278

Passcode: 738093

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A la carte


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Lost at Table

by Joyce Sutphen


Hi Members!

I miss singing with you and seeing your beautiful faces. In June, I realized I had not sung for three months.  Then, my husband and I found an art song, Lost at Table, for soprano and clarinet and my spirits lift every time I work on it.  I am smiling now as I consider the possibilities and craziness that will join us together as we "sing-alone-along" with Leanne on Sundays.  See you soon and sing a song!  


Susan Kissinger

PS:  Before you read this poem by Joyce Sutphen, consider this: Have you ever lost interest in the conversation at a dinner party?  I have.  Where did you go?  

Lost at Table


The weave in the green table cloth is open.    Enter, it says, and I do.

Sinking down into warp and woof,

Snug in a tiny linen homestead,

Somewhere east of candlestick

And west of tapestry napkin.


And if my disappearance is noticed,

They have ways to bring me back again:

Conversation will hover, like heat detecting

Helicopters over endless acres of cornfields

And find me sleeping between the rows

Or walking aimlessly,

Singing my song to turn a thousand

Ears from green to gold.


The weave in the green tablecloth is open.


Dear Women’s Hope Chorale, 

I hope this finds everyone well! I am missing singing with all of you, and dearly missing all of the friendships. We really do make an amazing team, and being away for a while just makes that more apparent. Here’s hoping our time apart will make our return that much more special. 


Amidst these difficult times, I wanted to share some good news! My husband and I are expecting our first baby in December 20th, 2020. We are thrilled and can’t wait to be parents. Another surprise that we will have to wait for is the gender! We are going to wait to find out until the baby is born. 


I am currently 24 weeks, and have been feeling great! I have started to feel baby move, which is such a little miracle in its own. Our sweet one loves music, especially when daddy sings to them. They also love dancing, mostly through the night.  All is well health wise, but prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated. 


I wish I could share this with you all in person, but I can feel all the love through the distance! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and I hope to see you all soon. 


Lots of love, 

    Kara Klette

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