Goin' Down the River

Composer: Paul Reuter

Arranger: Not Applicable

Publication: No Information Available at this Time

Duration: 4:33

Program Notes:

World Premiere Performance by the Women's HOPE Chorale





Score Sample:



SSA with Solo Voice


A cappella - can be performed with guitar as in our recording


Friendship​, Hope, Spirituality



Paul Reuter

Goin' down the river with my friend.
I'm goin' down the river,
Leavin' the past behind.

New adventures coming up.

I'm going' down with my friend.

Goin' down the river,
Leavin' our past behind.
Goin' down the river,

Don't know what we'll find.

New adventures coming up,
Just around the bend.
I'm goin' down the river with my friend.

Goin' down the river
through dangers in the night.
I'm goin' down the river,

prayin' for the morning light.

The sun comes up, a new day dawns,
The water's calm again.
I'm goin' down the river with my friend.

The river rolls on,
The water flows on,
We never will pass these shores again.
We feel the wind that blows on,

Our journey goes on,

But we don't know where it will end.

We've gone quite a distance.

Got some more to go.

Down this old river

to the Gulf of Mexico.

Out into the ocean,

Out into the sea.

Down this old river,

you and me.

Goin' Down the RiverPaul Reuter
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"The Dream Keepers: A Couple"
A Love Story told through Jazz

But not just any love story….the true love story of two of our founders. We performed the world premiere of a piece we commissioned by composer and performer, Adam Maness, for women’s chorus and jazz trio to celebrate our dream keepers: Richard and Mary Ann Shaw.