Starting off with a dose of holiday cheer!

Per tradition, we start off each season with a party at our director's home. It's an occasion for fun, food, and song, a chance to greet old friends and meet our new members. It's always a delightful evening...but it's not always Christmas-themed!

This year, we had the immense delight of singing for the silver screen! Film writer/director Dan Steadman asked us to film a Christmas song for his new movie, The Galoshes. So it was Christmas in August as we sang the tunefully catchy "Christmas With the Ones You Love" (helped by Leanne's friendly dog!)

The Galoshes is an anthology film tracing characters who have owned this one pair of rubber boots, from present day back to 1942. It screened at the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville on September 14 and September 21, and many of our members enjoyed seeing how our scene fit into the whole story. See the trailer for The Galoshes here.

After our shining moment as film stars, we had a ball playing party games, and our prizes--sparkly pencils!--will come in handy as we get our season of rehearsals and concerts started. Fun was had by all!

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