Survivor Songs

Rise Up

Just Keep Running

I'm Not Silent Anymore


Composer: Hannah Tombley (Rise Up); Tess Sundhausen (Just Keep Running); Deb Busch (I'm Not Silent Anymore); Judy Rosen (Home)

Arranger: Adam Mannes

Publication: N/A


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SSA (Rise Up); SSAA (Just Keep Running); SSA with Soloists (I'm Not Silent Anymore)




​Love, Empowerment, Confidence



Hannah Tombley

Rise Up
You found me in the corner,
With my head held down.

You found me on the ground,

And I had lost my sound.

Lost and afraid, I was terrified,

Too terrified to fight.

And you said, "Walk with me and you'll be okay ---

We'll get you through another day."

I said, "Walk with me and you'll be okay.

We'll get you through another day."

I said, "Rise up and I'll show you ---

I'll show you how I'll get through."

I'll show you how I'll get through

Because I'm stronger than you think,

I'm so much stronger than my pain.

And I'm stronger than my shame.

I won't let it throw me away.

I am stronger than you think.

I'm so much stronger than my pain.

I am stronger than you think.

That's how I got here today.

I don't hide in the corner anymore.

I found I can win this war.

I found myself in new armor.

I found myself so much stronger.

Not afraid of the darkness.

Not terrified of what's in store.

Tess Sundhausen
Just Keep Running
Lacing up shoes,

Heading out the door.

Picking out music,

Running playlist on.

Take a deep breath,

Here we go.

Get muscles going,

Hearing my song.

First steps, finding my rhythm.

That's where my thoughts fade.

Beats in my step,

Beats in my heart.

With each beat a journey paved.


Even though I can't see home,

Just keep running.

And the Uphill's steep ---

Just keep running.

Road is uncertain.

Just keep running.

Road is uncertain.

And I'm in too deep ---

Just keep running with me.

No one said it would be easy.

Don't be ashamed and hide your scars.

Through the rain, through the cold,

Through the struggle,

Your perseverance will take you far.

When I feel I can't go further,

I know I never run alone.

Sometimes from my strength,

Sometimes from yours,

I know together we can make it home.

Deb Busch
I'm Not Silent Anymore

I had no voice,

Always hearing "You can't," "You need to."

Being told I'm worthless,

There isn't anything I'd amount to.

I believed those lies.

Spent too many years

Letting people run over me.

I was shy, never saying how I felt;

Missing my happiness, worrying about theirs.

So much time pleasing everyone else.

I don't do that anymore.


I've found my voice.

I'm not silent anymore,

Hear me now;

Singing from my core.

Saying: I'm not afraid ---

I feel whole.

I am worthy --- an empowered soul.

I can't change anyone else,

I can only change me.

I'm done with the negative

Adding the positive.

I needed confidence just to feel okay,

I knew it had to start from me.

I forgave for me --- not for them.

If I'm living in the past, I can't move forward.

I'm living for now,

I had to let them go.

I felt weak, I couldn't say how I felt,

And now I need you to know

I'm stronger now.

Survivor SongsAdam Maness
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