The Dream Keepers
This season we celebrate our dream keepers:
those who protect our dreams and help them come true.

"Bring me all of your dreams, you dreamers,
bring me all of your heart melodies,
that I may wrap them in a blue cloud cloth,
away from the too rough fingers of the world."
-Langston Hughes

The Dream Keepers:


Sunday, April 24 2022 at 3PM

Sunday, May 1, Virtual


If you missed our live performance, it's not too late! Click here to purchase a ticket for the virtual concert.

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Season 27

"The Dream Keepers: A Couple"
A Love Story told through Jazz

But not just any love story….the true love story of two of our founders. We performed the world premiere of a piece we commissioned by composer and performer, Adam Maness, for women’s chorus and jazz trio to celebrate our dream keepers: Richard and Mary Ann Shaw.