Yenu Bene

Composer: Karen Raborn

Arranger: Fred Onovwerosuoke

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Duration: 4:00

Recording: Not Available

Program Notes:

ki-Kaounde song - translates to "All Things to You"

Score Sample:



SA with Soloist (Lead Vox)


Triangle, Egg Shakers, Congas


Sisterhood, Celebration, African Traditions​



Karen Raborn

Yenu bene
Yenu bene, Yahweh;

Jitotwe Aleluya

Yesu Jitotwe.

Oh! Aleluya
Yesu, oh! Aleluya

Yesu, oh!

Lesa wa lukumo
Mwitu kwashe
Mwa na wa mukanji naye afunde.

Mwi mutende Yesu

Yenu bene,

Bana ba bakazhi


Mwi tutemwa Yahweh,

Yenu bene,

Yenu bene Tata

Yenu bene.

Lesa wa bena Isalela

Yenu bene,

Yenu bene, Yahweh;

Yenu bene.

Yesu, oh! Aleluya

Yesu, oh!

nu bene

oh! Aleluya

Yesu, oh!

"The Dream Keepers: A Couple"
A Love Story told through Jazz

But not just any love story….the true love story of two of our founders. We performed the world premiere of a piece we commissioned by composer and performer, Adam Maness, for women’s chorus and jazz trio to celebrate our dream keepers: Richard and Mary Ann Shaw.